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Moving day disasters: Tips to avoid common moving disasters

By Radhika Agarwal |
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Common moving day disasters

Moving is part of almost everyone's life. There can be many reasons for shifting to another location. Maybe you are being transferred to some other city or you see your bright future in another city or country, or some other reason. But whatever the reason be, every aspect and step must be planned in efficiently to ensure a happy moving experience. By avoiding some common moving day disasters, we can make a fresh start in our new home. So, here are some common moving troubles that you have to avoid at all cost.

Getting scammed by rogue movers

Not doing a prior research about the shifting company you have hired could prove to be a big mistake? Failing to do so could make you a victim of scam by a rogue moving company. Such movers are generally infamous for causing damage to their customers' possessions; not delivering the items on time or even going disappeared at all. They are usually either unprofessional or categorically fraudulent companies.

How to avoid this?

Before handing over your belongings to a moving company, ensure its credibility first. Make sure they are properly licensed and insured. Apart from this, you should also make a thorough research through the leading search engines about that moving company. Look at the company's consumer reviews, website, online reputation, etc. By doing this you will get some idea about them. Be alert if anything seems awkward or messy.

Partially or fully damaged belongings

Now you are at your new place and finally your items got delivered to your new home. But, there is a twist in the story! Some of your household items are completely or partially broken. This can happen in both the cases. Either you may have moved into your new home on your own, or you may have hired unprofessional movers. But, in most of the cases this happens only when the goods are not packed properly. Heavy furniture, especially those made of glass, are prone to damage.

How to avoid this moving disaster?

Damages to your belongings during the move can prove to be a moving disaster for you. It is highly possible that your valuables might have to face several factors like long distance, shock, rain, mishandling during the journey. Therefore, the best way to prevent possible damages from this is to pack the goods safely. Apply your common sense and try to use the appropriate boxes and supplies. Use bubble wrap, foam, etc. for breakable items. Pack electronic items in waterproof bins. But if you really want to avoid all these hassles and challenges, then I have a simple solution for that. You can save yourself from any such moving day disasters by just appointing professional house shifting services company. It not just saves your time but also reduces the possibility of any losses.

Left alone on the DIY moving day

There are times when you have planned a DIY move and you end up being left alone by your friends or relatives. I am not blaming them. Of course, they must have had some reason behind doing this. But, it is also true that in such a situation you find yourself stuck somewhere in the middle.

How to deal with this situation?

Involving friends and relatives in your DIY move is certainly the cheapest way to move. But there is also a lot of risk involved. If you do not believe then ask those who have faced this situation. So to avoid such a situation, it would be better that either you arrange laborers separately or hire a professional moving company.

Unable to deal with heavy furniture

Maybe you have managed everything by now and you are happy for it. The only problem is that you can't get your heavy furniture out of the doors. And you don't even know any solution for this. You don't understand how to get your closet, sofa or dining table out of small doors. Getting stuck at this stage can also prove to be your moving day disaster.

How to manage this?

To deal with this frustrating situation, measure your doorways and all the heavy furniture properly before the moving day. The first option is to disassemble any heavy furniture parts, if possible. Now try to remove your wardrobe, sofa set, etc. through the doors by their thinnest part. Another option is to try to remove furniture through other doors or windows. But if you find yourself unable to manage this situation, then it would be better to hire the professionals. They are expert in this work.

Unexpected weather changes

And finally the day of move has arrived. Although you may not have planned for a sudden rain, storm or snowfall to coincide with the date of the shifting, something like this can happen. This situation can prove to be a disaster for your DIY move and can cause unexpected delays. But the worse thing happens when your goods are not packed according to such weather conditions.

How to deal with this?

If possible, choose the date of your move according to the weather conditions or at least keep an eye on the weather forecasts. Pack your electronics devices and other perishable items with such weather in mind. Keep the truck parked near the entrance of your house. And if you have hired a moving company, keep in constant touch with them. This will keep you informed about the movement of your belongings or possible delays.