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Tips for moving with pets to new home: The Ultimate Guide

By Radhika Agarwal |
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Tips for moving with pets

There are many things to keep in mind when you are moving permanently to a new place. One of them is to take care of your pets. So, if you are moving with your pets, you should make special arrangements for them. It could be a stressful time for your pets as they can't really understand what is happening around them. So, it becomes important to make this time as comfortable as possible for them.

Getting started for a long distance move with your pets

Whether you are moving in your neighbourhood area or a new city, you need to have a solid plan regarding your pets. It will definitely be of great help and will reduce the stress of your move. But if you fail, it can prove to be a moving day disaster for you. The following step by step instructions will definitely save you.

Prepare a bag of essentials for them

First of all, you need to prepare a bag or box of essentials for your pets just as you do for yourselves. It should contain all the items that you will need on the first night and the first few days after the move. This must include everything from their bowls, food and litter tray to medicines, toys, bedding, and every other things they need on a daily basis. Also keep in mind that this kit should be easily available so that they can be easily used at the time of need.

Make your plan pet-friendly

Moving day means a very hectic day and can be very stressful for your pets in every aspect. On that day they do not get the attention and care that they get on normal days. It's not that much difficult to understand that changes in their environment can have a strong impact on them. Decide in advance where you will keep your pets on the day of moving, whether with you or a friend or at a boarding facility.

If you decide to keep them with you, plan ahead as well. Allocate a separate part in both the old and the new home to keep them away from the chaos. Provide everything they need. Always try to be around them and make sure they are comfortable especially after moving to the new home.

Be extra careful while moving

When we ourselves do not have the knowledge of every path and area, then just imagine how it will be for our pets? For them, new paths and places are nothing less than an inexplicable puzzle. So be careful while taking your pet to a new place. There is a strong possibility of their senses get confused due to new smells and new sights. So, it becomes needless to mention that it can be a bad situation if they turn away from you. In such a situation, they will not be able to find a way back easily.

Consult with your vet

Vets are an excellent resource for questions about reducing your pet's anxiety levels. They are expert in helping pets manage stressful situations. So, few days ahead of shifting inform your vet that you will be moving to a new location. By doing that you can get the necessary prescriptions filled ahead of time.

But, it would be a good idea if you book a visit with your vet a few weeks before you leave so that you can do the following:

  • Talk about possible stress-reduction methods or supplements to help reduce anxiety.
  • Make sure your pet is healthy and running on any regular prescriptions so that there is less chance of making any unwanted or emergency visits.
  • Make sure no vaccinations are missed and obtain a current rabies vaccination certificate, if necessary.
  • Obtain a copy of your pet's medical files and records.